biasutralia Australia's largest on-line bi community!

BiAustralia is a site dedicated to gays and lesbians who seek love. In a secure environment and with effective partner search options, it stands out as the most serious LGBT community site currently available.

If you are looking for an efficient and user-friendly gay dating site,BiAustralia might just make you happy. This site adds some interesting innovations which will help you to make a maximum of meetings.

BiAustralia is undoubtedly the number 1 dating site in Australia for homosexuals. It is in any case by far the one which counts the most number and which is at the origin of the greatest number of meetings. But is this status justified? We wanted to know and tested BiAustralia for 30 days. Here is our opinion.

By allowing visitors to register for free to get an overview of the services offered by the site, BiAustralia manages to attract not only Australia, but also other European countries.

Australia’s largest on-line bi community

It all starts with registration that does not include an affinity test. We quickly ask you questions related to your conception of couple life as a member of the LGBT community, your age, your email and all the usual questions. This process is free for women and for men. You will then arrive on a page that will suggest you upload a photo of yourself and encourage you to complete your profile so that members contact you.

BiAustralia specializes in gay dating and makes it very easy for men who are looking for men to get in touch. No need to hang around on straight sites to find a partner, or on some poor quality gay sites: BiAustralia offers you quality and results! Be aware that right now Meetic offers completely free registration to discover the whole site, you just need to create an account with your (it takes less than 5 minutes) and you can start to meet people.

Ease of use

The site is very easy to use, however I find that the pages of the site are rather crowded because of the advertisements which are invited on the edges of the page of results, especially when one uses the site free of charge. When needed, it’s easy to get help, like on the main site. The member filtering system is also an appreciable feature on the site which allows you to see only the profiles for which you appreciate the criteria.

The most useful tool on the site is messaging, but also prerecorded messages that can be sent to a member we like. There isn’t really a match system on the site, unless you subscribe to the Meetic Affinity Gay plan, but contacting is done through flirtation and flash, naturally.

Bi Australia: Top Dating Site for Bisexual Girls & Guys

The BiAustralia site is for gay and lesbian singles who are looking for love, friendship or a “sexy” encounter. It is generally a 25-35 year old audience looking to find a partner. So there are more young members up to 40 years old.

How do members behave?

The community on the site is serious and the conversations more warm and respectful than vulgar. Members are very friendly in their dealings when chatting with you. It’s a nice feeling. We can say that their behavior is in accordance with the promise of the site.

Moderation on the site

BiAustralia benefits from the expertise of its parent company in terms of active moderation of the site. Thus, profiles are validated manually, whether it is content or photos uploaded. If a member were to be disrespectful to you, you can block this person or report it to the moderators who will take drastic measures against this person if they violate the conditions of use of the site.

Deleting your account when needed is very easy. You just have to go to your account and click on “Suspend my account”. The deletion does not really take effect since to reactivate your account, you just need to enter your username and password.

Registration on BiAustralia:

Registration on BiAustralia is free for both men and women. There is no affinity questionnaire there, so registration only takes 5-10 minutes asking for information about our sexual orientation, our religious views, our concept of family and homosexual couple. Once a Pass, or subscription, is chosen, you can instantly unlock options such as profile filtering, sending messages, flashes, and lets you know who visited your profile.

For starters, free registration is done quickly with only a few details. Once registered, you can use an interface to find the guy who makes you fantasize. Then it will be possible to communicate via email with him. Another tool that proves to be extremely useful, the live chat which allows you to connect gay guys by means of a webcam in particular.

As you can see, the functioning of this portal is ultimately similar to that of a generalist platform. Regarding research, it is possible to sort people according to physical criteria. For example, you can in particular enter physical criteria or character traits. If you just come for ass shots, do not hesitate to provide information regarding sex: shaved, hairy, small ass etc. There is no embarrassment to have on this side there since the users are there for the same thing: Have fun!

The biggest advantages:

Obviously, like on any dating portal, fakes and inactive profiles are present. However, the dating portal makes all the efforts necessary to fight against this thanks to the rigorous and sharp work of the moderators. In short, BiAustralia is quite simply one of the best dating sites for gays who want regular sex and satisfy their sexual appetite and their wildest fantasies.

BiAustralia is a serious site for gays and lesbians who want to have lasting, one-night meetings or even just make friends with another member of the same sex. Building on the reputation of the generalist Meetic site for heterosexuals, BiAustralia offers us quality services and a serious gay and lesbian user base. The general atmosphere is good and allows among other things to build relationships.

The functionalities offered by the site are quite diverse and favor exchanges between interlocutors. Also note that the site has better customer service than competing sites. The biggest advantages that the site offers us is essentially the quality of the service offered at a relatively ridiculous price compared to the competition, with a wide range of research tools and activities organized in large cities such as parties or workshops culinary.

  • Wide range of features
  • Affordable prices for the quality of service offered
  • Events organized in Australian cities
  • Optimized search
  • Quality members whose motivations are identical to yours


BiAustralia is guaranteed ass plans for the gay community. However, you can also make lasting meetings. In addition, the moderation is excellent despite the few false profiles. The functions as well as the tools are all useful and innovative: Telephone tool, Speedflirt or even the possibility of flashing on a member. We regret that there is no lesbian party.

BiAustralia, hot meetings between bisexuals:

BiAustralia is simply one of the leaders in sexy gay dating sites. You will find there for the most part homosexuals desiring sex. In short, a well designed and well thought out site, with an interface worthy of the name. Too bad there is no offer for the lesbian community! BiAustralia is a platform targeting gay encounters, especially naughty ones. It allows this community to easily and quickly meet a multitude of people via a qualitative interface. The various tools offered turn out to be advanced for, especially for a site specializing in a single category of encounter. You will be able to do in-depth research with various criteria. Secure and instant messaging will be used to contact the members of your choice. Thus, on the BiAustralia portal, you can meet people for one night as much as for a lifetime! Another point, moderation is active and qualitative. This is why malicious messages disappear very quickly on the platform.

The different tools to meet people on the site:

With this dating site, you will have access to a multitude of rich and varied functions and tools. They are there for the same purpose: Maximize your chances of meeting. Regarding the interface, you will see that photos of users scroll with their different characteristics such as weight or age. Click on “be put in touch” in order to contact the member you are interested in. Quick, efficient and simple, this dating portal will allow you to quickly and easily select your favorite. In addition, here is a small listing of the different BiAustralia tools:

Geolocated meetings: Various tools are available to optimize your search for gay individuals as much as possible;
The 100% gay chat, which will give you the opportunity to chat in real time with active users;
Speedflirt function: With this tool, photos of users scroll continuously with a multitude of information indicated such as age or size;
Secure internal messaging, which will allow you to chat with members who have caught your eye;
Geolocation in order to find individuals located near you. Thus, the filtering will be more precise and better targeted.

BiAustralia is an extremely easy to use site. In addition, the handling is easy via a clear interface. In addition, the functions and tools prove to be practical. They will give you the opportunity to do relevant research via a superb white and purple interface. By selecting the “Meetings” section, you will have all the different search options on the left of the screen, where you can notably choose up to 4 refined search criteria. In short, the user experience will necessarily be pleasant and fruitful. We can see that the site was well designed because the ergonomics are excellent. The navigation bar at the top of the screen contains all the main categories: “Meetings”, “Messages”, “Visits”, “Favorites”, “My accesses”, “Profile” and “Subscription”.

Who is the site for?

BiAustralia is therefore a platform aimed at the gay community. Regardless of age and physique, the portal will welcome you. His community remains active since the meeting opportunities are constant, especially for those who have opted for a subscription. Please note, this site is unfortunately not reserved for lesbians, and this is highly regrettable.

Community and behavior of members

By taking advantage of the EasyFlirt group’s titanic network, BiAustralia has a rich and varied community, distributed evenly throughout Australia. In terms of age, the different profiles can be in their twenties, thirties and forties, or even more. Regarding the behavior of the members, it is generally good since the moderation turns out to be rather excellent.

The moderation team moderates and controls the various exchanges across the platform. However, it does not act directly on the content of the different profiles. However, it implements various actions so that the general conditions of use are respected throughout the portal.
Moreover, it is possible by means of the “abuse” link to report harmful or negative content or behavior of a member. The group reserves the right to act further depending on the severity of what the user has done. Thus, this proves the credibility of the site as well as of all the advertisements published.
Finally, regarding the protection and use of personal data, there is no need to worry since it will not be given to third parties.

Thousands of members ready to CHAT, MEET and PLAY

BiAustralia offers its users to find butts and hot meetings. Mainly intended for a male audience, the site has simple but effective means of contact and we quickly meet many people here! Quite classic, both in its interface and in its contact options, it allows you to meet very quickly not far from your home. In 1 month, I turned to one meeting a week by refusing many plans. Depending on your desire and motivation, you can really take advantage of this site to have fun.

The site combines all the qualities that one wishes to find on a dating site: easy contact, large community of gay members, constant activities on the site, high response rates and varied members. I was amazed to chat with so many people in such a short time.

The members are also very friendly, and if expectations sometimes diverge (ass plans for some, search for serious relationships for others), there is no doubt that you will find one or more partners to converse.

BiAustralia, find a gay or bi partner easily!

The site wants to allow its users to make naughty meetings mainly online via the different contact methods offered. And it works, with hundreds of thousands of men registered on the site in Australia and around 30 countries.
If your primary goal is to find a gay dating site for asses and other naughty dating, then BiAustralia could be the site for you.

The members, verified, are relatively open and there are plenty of opportunities to find a partner to have a good time. In addition, the navigation on the site is pleasant and telephone assistance is even available if necessary. What good, for a site that guarantees its users guaranteed meetings! The site perfectly fulfills its role of gay dating site and allows for many quality meetings. Fun to use, efficient and offered at very competitive prices, we can easily say that Meetic Gay is at the top of gay dating sites.

Best way to gays, lesbians, and Bisexuals in Australia:

There are several ways to contact other members, but this is only possible if you are a paying member. I will detail all this in the Tariff section which follows.

I mainly use Live Chat, which allows you to interact directly with the connected members and to agree to a meeting quickly. For the sake of efficiency, the Speedflirt function is also interesting.

Otherwise, you can always send kisses to indicate your interest to a man or send him a complete message via messaging, in order to initiate a dialogue. Finally, the most daring will enjoy using the webcam function which can give rise to hot exchanges!

Everyone will find their account on BiAustralia and this is one of the reasons that made their success. The registered members are varied, many men between 20 and 35 years old, some women for lesbian meetings, and bis who wish to alternate pleasures.